Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Saga of the Abandoned Flip Flops

It is supposed to be a beautiful day here today in sunny Los Angeles, California.  Being a New York girl, I'm not used to 80 degrees in March.  So, doing my best to try to get acclemated and "fit in" to my new surrounding, I decide that since it is going to be such a gorgeous day out, I will do something crazy.

My idea of crazy was dressing in flip flops and a sundress in March.  Seemed like a crazy idea considering it is early March.

When we visited California back in September, I purchased these fun flip flops.  It was September, already cold in NY, and I said to the girl selling them, "I'm not going to get to wear these until next summer," at which time my husband chimed in with "Unless we move to Los Angeles."

So I now live in Los Angeles, and I was breaking out these flip flops for the first time. Standing in my closet, I grab my blue sundress and my flip flops.  But it's March, and it should be cold out, so I decide the blue sundress is too "summerish" and I put it back and take the black one instead.  I put the sundress on, and then the flip flops.

Oh, my, my feet look naked.  It's only march, I can't go out with naked looking feet.  So off with the flip flops and on with more season sensible shoes.  Sundress looks funny with the new shoes, so off with the sundress an on with a pair of dockers.  But it's LA, and it's 80 degrees, so why not wear the flip flops with the dockers? Seems like a decent compromise, right?

So back on with the flip flops. Geeze, my feet still look naked.  Back off with the flip flops, and on with a pair of shoes that are a lot less pornographic on my feet.

I tried, really I did.  Still seems unnatural to be this warm in winter.

Does this mean I'll never get used to 80 and sunny when I think it should be cold out?  Will my poor flip flops ever actually get worn?  Who knows...

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