Monday, March 5, 2012

Officially Unpacked

Today I unpacked my last box. I don't know what took me so long, maybe I was thinking as long as that box stayed packed I haven't officially moved. Maybe I was just lazy.

I'm not saying I am officially settled in, not at all. After over 37 years of living in the same place, it would be impossible to be settled in to a new apartment this quickly. I have a bit of a fear that I will never feel settled, not 100% settled at least. Will I get used to living in LA? Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. I'm doing my best to keep an open mind about living here.

It is hard because I keep thinking of the negative things. Most obvious is missing friends and family. Being in one place for so long, you get comfortable there. I knew where to get the best bagels, Chinese take out, Thai curry chicken, pizza and Italian pastry. I could get to almost anywhere without directions. I knew what neighborhoods were safe, where you didn't want to park your car at night, where the dog parks were. I don't know that stuff here. I will, eventually (at least that is what I keep telling myself.)

So, until I know these things, I will be a little uncomfortable with my new surroundings. As for missing family and friends, I don't think I'll get over that, but there are airplanes, so I can visit and they can visit me. I'll be okay

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